CONMEBOL supports organization of the 2030 World Cup by Argentina and Uruguay

Presided by Dr. Nicolás Leoz, the meeting of presidents of National Associations and members of the Executive Committee of CONMEBOL took place at the house of South American football, this Wednesday, November 25.

The following presidents participated: Carlos Chávez (Bolivia), Ricardo Teixeira (Brazil), Harold Mayne-Nicholls (Chile), Luis Bedoya (Colombia), Luis Chiriboga (Ecuador), Juan Angel Napout (Paraguay), Manuel Burga (Peru), Sebastian Bauzá (Uruguay), Rafael Esquivel (Venezuela); and the following members of the Executive Committee: Eugenio Figueredo (vice-president, Uruguay), Eduardo Deluca (general secretary, Argentina), Rómer Osuna (treasurer, Bolivia), and directors Nicolás Delfino (Peru) and Francisco Acosta (Ecuador).

Greetings and welcome

The President of CONMEBOL welcomed the new president of the Uruguayan Football Association, Dr. Sebastian Bauzá, wishing him success in the sport and institutional achievements during his management. He also requested an applause for the five national teams qualified to the World Cup of South Africa 2010, with the certainty that they will honor the prestige of South American football in the maximum football meet.

Argentina and Uruguay 2030

Unanimously, the presidents of the South American associations and members of the Executive Committee gave their total support to the combined candidacy of the Argentine Football Association and of the Uruguayan Football Association, to organize the World Cup of the year 2030, when a century since the realization of the first FIFA ecumenical meet will be completed, in which both associations played the final.

Taken From: Conmebol

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