Capsules of the best movies, Uruguay 2030

This week in Pontevedra, Spain, starts the "V National Festival Short Film "at Redondela Curto" (V Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes "Redondela en Curto").
The website of the festival is

Among 16 selected is Uruguay 2030:

· Director: Rafael de Los Arcos
· Films Production: Escandalo Films

Synopsis: Trying to survive a day of pellets, Laura wantss to meet her new boyfriend in the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Jose is a faithful squire and he can not hide the fact that he dies for the bones of his friend.
One of the main actresses, Henar Jimenez, won the prize ENTREACTORES.COM "Actress" at the "Festival de Aguilar de Campo 2008", for her performance in "Uruguay 2030".

Here is a sinposis of Uruguay 2030.

Uruguay 2030

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