Atilio Paiva Olivera Stadium

Atilio Paiva Olivera Stadium of Rivera city, on the north border of Uruguay with of Brazil, was built in 1927 and rebuilt twice: in 1966 and 1995, for the Copa America in that year.
Its capacity is for 30.000, the second in Uruguay. It Was used by Frontera Rivera Chico team in First Division of Uruguayan Championship in 1999/2000 and by Real Sociedad Rivera, in Second Division in 2004.

Peñarol also used it in some international matches for Copa Libertadores and Supercopa in the
90s and it is currently used for local league matches.

In Atilio Paiva Olivera was played the games of Brazil in Copa America 1995, the most important as Brazil- Argentina , with remembered hand of Tulio in the game that Brazil defetead Argentina and also was played the South American Under 17 1999.

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