I remember the first times that I surfed by Internet in 1999 I came to a page that promoted the candidacy of Uruguay for the World Cup in 2030, as a tribute to 100 years of the first World Cup played in 1930 in Uruguay.
Over the time, the page was adding visits from curious who were supporting the dream.

Abel Fialko, one of those responsible, explained to Ole Journal of Argentina: "My idea was based on the Olympic Games that Greece wanted to organize in 1996, to celebrate the centennial of the first Olympics in Athens but they came late, United States took the Games to Atlanta and We do not want the same thing happens to us".

Last year, in occasion of the 2010 FIFA South Africa World Cup Qualifyng Games , the idea got a greater dimension because the Uruguayan Soccer Association by its President José Luis Corbo made official the uruguayan candidacy , with the support of the President of the Republic: Tabare Vázquez, members Of South American Soccer Confederation and the FIFA.
Also the Argentinian Soccer Association by its President Julio Grondona, showed interest to be boot countries co-organizers of the World Cup.

Uruguay has been historically a pioneer in soccer. Uruguay was the Founder of South American Soccer Confederation, here the first World Cup was played, the first and so far the only “Mundialito” (Tournment of countries that were soccer World Champions in 1980) and hosted seven America Cup, all tourment were won by Uruguay, without losing any game.

If Uruguay was able to host these events, why can not do it again?

It is true that times are other and organize a World Cup is not an easy task. It requires that Uruguay and Argentina agree to do it because hosting a World Cup isn´t an easy task for Uruguay alone, because we must have nine stadiums and infrastructure in conditions that Uruguay does not have but it is possible for Argentina, so it requires a great political movement in FIFA, which is independient from which are the political sector that will govern the country, supported by Argentina and the South American Soccer Confederation.

It is possible and the first kick was given.

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