Specialist say that China will be the world leader in 2030

China is the world leader in 2030 under its accelerated economic development, concluded a study of the Forum of Young Global Leaders, composed by persons under 40 years with community responsibilities in different parts of the world, through an analysis report for the promoted by World Economic Forum (W.E.F.), which states that China will be located behind the United States, India and Russia, with significant loss of influence of Germany, France and Britain.

China is not ready to confront the crisis that population will live between 2030 and 2050, when the elderly will duplicate the childrens and the population reaches 1,465 million people, an official report warned today.

"In that decade China will have the dual challenge of an excessive population and an ageing population, which interact and will be a serious threat to social and economic development," said the study by the National Committee on Ageing.

"We must seize the opportunity before 2030. We can not afford to miss this golden opportunity," said Li, adding that the Government's response for ageing must be completed before this year.

The report was presented with a white book about aging, where the Government show as one of its priorities to create a system of care for the elderly, which is increasing 100 million every year.

A developing country with a social security system which covers only 17 percent of the workforce and where the model of capitalist growth has ended the tradition of respecting and caring for the elderly, so the task is complicated.

"Young chinese people should start to prepare economic, physically and psychologically for old age," Li warned.

From: www.espectador.com.co

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