Grondona Supports the candidacy of Uruguay and Argentina for 2030 World Cup (11/17/2007)

Buenos Aires, 17th October, 2007

Dear President of Uruguayan Football Association

Dr. Jose Luis Corbo

I am pleased to address you and through you to all members of the Uruguayan Football Association, in response to your note of last 8th October, 2007 with the purpose to inform you that the Executive Committee of the Argentinian Football Associatian in the meeting held yesterday, approved unanimously nominating your initiative to organize togheter 2030 FIFA World Cup.

There is no doubt that to crystallize this purpose, will reinforce the friendship that join forever both countries, so the government and sports authorities from both sides of the "Rio de La Plata" must work together in the way we approach the final goal of 2030.

Meanwhile, I greet you with warmth and affection.

Julio H. Grondona

President of Argentinian Football Asocciation

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